Preferred Sex Positions By Women

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An enjoyable and satisfying sexual encounter depends on so many factors. The chemistry between the couple, the degree to which each partner takes part in the act, the desire to please the other, a willingness to enjoy the moment and of course, the positions chosen.

You can read on and learn with the tips below:

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The Delight: This position is known as the Kama Sutra Delight, and is perfect for women who like to set the pace of penetration. The man kneels placing the penis at the same height as the vagina, while the woman during penetration wraps her legs around him. This position makes it possible for a man to kiss her breasts, an important place to increase pleasure and reach orgasm.Screw: It is a position recommended for women who have difficulty reaching to have an orgasm, because the clitoris is stimulated during penetration, creating double pleasure for her. The woman must lie sideways on the edge of the bed with her legs as he kneels down and penetrates her at the desired tempo. Stimulation begins immediately and to increase the fun, he can gently caress her breasts. 

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The Submissive: Men love this position and it is very exciting for women to have control, resulting in a fantastic experience for both partners. The submissive is also a position that a classic for women who would like to become in control. To increase the fun, he can caress the buttocks and stimulate the anus of his partner while she puts the rhythm, so much pleasure to her husband and feel the deep penetration that the position allows.The Deep Thrust: As the name implies, there is a worship women, so deep penetration that is very exciting. She raises her legs on his shoulders, while she is penetrated. The state can stimulate the clitoris while he controls the movement and the person responsible to please.
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