Improve Your Sex Life

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New Year’s resolutions typically sound the same every year… save more money, lose weight, lay off the booze, etc. Although these are all great goals, we urge our readers to make a resolution that benefits both your body and your relationship. Make 2014 the year to have the best sex of your life! We want to help, and we have accumulated a list that will bring anyone more pleasure in the New Year. Enjoy!
Spice Up Your Pillow Talk
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It is simple enough to make your point with grunts and moans, but telling your partner what you want and how they make you feel is WAY better. It’s sexy for her to hear your desires in bed. And don’t ever be afraid to get dirty… statistics show that couples who use more “ crude language ” between the sheets say they are more satisfied with their sexual communication!

Extend Foreplay
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Make out. Perform oral. Get her off. Finish. If this looks like your typical routine, it is time to shake things up. It has been noted that women want foreplay kissing, caressing, and play – throughout sex. It is important for men to pay extra attention to sensitive spots during sex.
Show Her Your Kinky Side

sex lifeDare to take a walk on the wild side! Couples who experiment with bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism are more in tune with their sexual desires and feel overall more comfortable with their partners. If you aren’t ready for handcuffs straight away, start off slow, with spanking!

Bring The Action Outdoors

penis enlargementBringing your bedroom play to public places is a rush that’s hard to top! You should warm your partner up by starting in a place that’s somewhat tame, perhaps a balcony or a Jacuzzi, and work your way up. Partake in plenty of manual stimulation before the clothes come off to minimize the length of exposure, because remember it is illegal to be naked in public.

Watch Porn Together
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Porn does not have to be a dirty little secret. 69% of women said they would be open to watching porn with their partner if he initiated the conversation. Start off by saying something like, “You know I am happy with our sex life, but let’s try this just once. It’s something we can enjoy together!”

Discover Her Deepest Desires

penis enlargementDiscover her deepest desires and turn her fantasies into reality by asking her a couple of not-so-innocent questions. Ask what she thinks about while she masturbates or if there’s anything she’s ever wanted to try in bed. By asking her directly, you are likely to get an honest answer, and you can share your desires first to alleviate any pressure off of her.
Bring Her Friend To Bed

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We are talking about the friend in her nightstand – her vibrator. Don’t feel outgunned to bring her toy in the bed, women will never love a sex toy the way they love men. 67% of women are dying to explore these territories with their partners, so make her buzzing buddy an ally!