Talking to Your Partner

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If you have erectile dysfunction (ED), you may experience many emotions, including anger and resentment. While this is understandable, you shouldn't "shut out" your partner while dealing with the problem. Your partner is also affected by your condition. Not only is good communication essential to successful diagnosis and treatment, it can help your partner understand what you are going through.

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The best way to communicate with your partner is to talk openly about sex and your relationship. Try to get past the initial embarrassment and awkwardness so that you can resolve the problem.

Here are some tips to help get the conversation started.

Explain your medical condition in a clear and truthful way. Your doctor can give you literature on the condition to share with your partner.


Discuss treatment options with your partner.
Explore alternative techniques to receive sexual pleasure.
Keep the lines of communication open.
Consider couples counseling.

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  2. communicating about sex can make happier couples!

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