Erectile Dysfunction : My Story

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I have had diabetes since my early 40's, I am now 58. The erectile dysfunction that I suffered was soul destroying to
the point that it very nearly resulted in my wife filing for divorce, as it put a tremendous strain on our marriage,
we'd been very sexually active up until that point. As well as the erectile dysfunction the numbness, that I was experiencing was most concerning.

erectile dysfunction

The onset was gradual but a clear path to the demise of my sexual
health as I initially went from being to able satisfy my wife, to suffering from premature ejaculation, weak erections and then impotence all in a matter of a fortnight. I spent most of my free time looking for erectile dysfunction cures and treatments online. I ploughed through the various erectile dysfunction reviews and just wasn't convinced enough to give any a try. I did not drink or smoke so this made my erectile dysfunction more baffling.I visited my G.P and was given "the blue pill" and some ointment. These did not seem to do any good and the headaches and dehydration were constant problems. The condition continued for a number of years and resulted in my self esteem being at an all time low, with no real feeling or sensation in my groin area at all, I would often experience "dribbling" in that area without any
knowledge. I was terrified one morning to notice that I was getting a numbing sensation at the head of my penis which was moving up the length of my penis. Was my penis dying?

natural ed

I was absolutely distraught and considered my love life to be beyond saving and over at one point. I tried many home remedies and continuously ploughed through the erectile dsyfunction product reviews in search of a natural and potent remedy. I was relieved that the swelling I was experiencing was finally beginning to
erectionssubside, as it would flare up intermittently to the point that my penis was tender to the touch while urinating. This went on for quite a long time until my wife found a product advertised in our local paper. I considered this to be another road to nowhere but thought better of it as I had nothing to lose, everything to gain and I did owe it to my wife, as I could tell that even though she was being extremely supportive she did miss the intimacy that was missing from our relationship. I made the phone call and was given a website address to visit for further details about the product ( My wife and I visited the website that evening and had a good read of the product details. It all made sense but I was still a tad dubious.

My wife urged me to give it a try. I placed my order online an received it within a week.Within an hour of taking the first capsule I could feel the twitching in my penis as the blood flow started to increase, there was a warmth in the area that I had not felt in a very very long time, my penis was actually warm to the
touch and felt totally different than it had felt prior to taking the capsule. The sensation was similar to water being flushed through a tube where previously it had not been allowed to travel through. I can honestly say that for the first time in over four years I was able to make love to my wife twice that night with

a bigger and stronger erection. My wife commented that it was "good to have me back." The next morning I was still feeling amorous and was able to make love again in the morning, something I had not been able to do for many years. All I can say is "we have since put the spark well and truly back in our marriage with prolargent 5x5 extreme, it has been like our honeymoon all over again." I would recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from any form of E.D, it is an effective and very strong herbal cure for erectile dysfunction. Like watching a comet or an eclipse this is something you have to see (or experience) for yourself. Don't let your erectile dysfunction be an issue because of diabetes, stress or anything else, there is an effective erectile dysfunction cure available.


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