Perfect Sex Partner

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1. Hygiene holds the key 
Everybody loves sex with a clean and tidy partner, so good hygiene is very important in a sexual relationship. Be sure to secure your partner is well maintained with a fully waxed body to a higher level of comfort. Too much hair on the body makes it uncomfortable to enjoy every inch of your lover. So look out for a soft and clean skin in your partner complemented with a nice smell, a bad body odour is a huge turn-off.

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2. Oral sex should not be a problem

You know what you want, so to have a great partner in bed is one who does not hesitate to go out of the way to give you that pleasure. If not routinely, your partner should be ready to please you orally according to their mood and comfort level. While no one is perfectly adept at the oral act, but a partner who tries to arouse learning the little tricks you may surely add magic to your love life.

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3. Be an adventure lover 

Intimacy and passion gets killed if you have a boring partner, who is having sex for the sake of it.   Ensure that he/she makes every effort to heighten the sensation by exploring their adventurous side. Having a partner who is open to trying new sexual pleasures is a definite bonus. Right from participating in dirty conversations with chocolate baths with you, trying new sex positions indulging in mischievous love games, he/she should be keen to try sex escapades that make them a perfect bedroom partner.

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