What Does Make You Go Limp ?

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You're not hard. But why these moments happen? And what can be done to ensure that they do not recur? Let's look at some of the factors that could be responsible.


You've had one drink too many at the bar or five. You've had a drink too many at the bar. Although you can be more charming when you get drunk, your penis unfortunately.


There are a number of daily medications that can affect the ability of a human being in order to get an erection. Anti-anxiety pills, painkillers, cold syrup, and even heartburn drugs can ruin your sexual potency in a big way. In fact, there are lots of drugs that could be blamed. 

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Coffee And Cigarettes

Caffeine and nicotine both are great obstacles for your penis getting hard. Why? Since caffeine and nicotine are both stimulants, they consume an effect on the nervous system, which may be difficult to achieve erections.

You Feel Guilty

Maybe your continued performance issues from feelings of discomfort regarding something you have done. Do you have problems running because you are unsure feel about you if you really love your partner? Or because you feel you crossed a line in terms of infidelity and now the debt you in tears? Perhaps your conscience wreaking what havoc with your sex.

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