Men's Premature Ejaculation-Do Women Suffer Too?

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Woman suffering from her husband's efforts to deal with premature ejaculation,because the mens ignore the sexual needs of women and they are not able to satisfy her desires.

In general, from premature ejaculation suffer 30% from the mens.That can cause psychological discomfort and stress at the womens.They are not disturb so much from less short duration of intercourse (for most women intercourse without orgasm is not so frustrating) as the mans big focus  to control their own emptying. When the main thoughts of the man during sexual act with a women are focused how to not end quickly, he inadvertently ignored her intimate needs.

prolargent 5x5 EXTREME

The concept of sexual satisfaction involves not only the sexual intercourse, but also kisses, looks and other forms of sexual stimulation - and they are important,not a least from the intrusion. And if the man is concerned with the premature finish, this woman needs overlooked as a partner because the most important for the men is to be able "to put him" and to make as many frictions as possible before the end. For him intercourse is more matter of time, not what his partner likes. In the long term the woman become anxious and depressed. So it is deprived of a happy life and puts in doubt the continuation of the relationship.

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 Prolargent5x5 EXTREME


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