What Does Make You Go Limp ?

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You're not hard. But why these moments happen? And what can be done to ensure that they do not recur? Let's look at some of the factors that could be responsible.


You've had one drink too many at the bar or five. You've had a drink too many at the bar. Although you can be more charming when you get drunk, your penis unfortunately.


There are a number of daily medications that can affect the ability of a human being in order to get an erection. Anti-anxiety pills, painkillers, cold syrup, and even heartburn drugs can ruin your sexual potency in a big way. In fact, there are lots of drugs that could be blamed. 

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Coffee And Cigarettes

Caffeine and nicotine both are great obstacles for your penis getting hard. Why? Since caffeine and nicotine are both stimulants, they consume an effect on the nervous system, which may be difficult to achieve erections.

You Feel Guilty

Maybe your continued performance issues from feelings of discomfort regarding something you have done. Do you have problems running because you are unsure feel about you if you really love your partner? Or because you feel you crossed a line in terms of infidelity and now the debt you in tears? Perhaps your conscience wreaking what havoc with your sex.

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How to Get Distributorship

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We'll take sex whenever we can get it, but we reluctantly acknowledge that scientists not only screwing around when they talk about the virtues of a well-timed rendezvous. Eager to find a better way to get our hands (which is on our watch) to find used, we conducted field research and discovered by exhausting and exhaustive data collection that the timing is really everything.

Do not worry. We took a break there to talk to an investigator.

Wake and Quake: 07: 00-10: 00

While the morning sex sometimes feel less than ideal - you have to sleep in your eyes, dragon breath, night sweats, and, probably, a hangover - a sunrise shag is actually healthy. That's when testosterone surge. When a man has a higher testosterone and is well equipped, he has more energy during sex. That energy will help him more. You hear that, guys? Take longer. As in, you're a sex god. Your wife will not know what's got into you, they'll love what inspires her.

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Afternoon Delight: 12: 00-03: 00

Not only are you breaking the beautiful day, but the afternoon sex session also has the added bonus of extra naughty and secretive as you getting your work to be done. You'll strut, not walk, back to the office less anxious, confident and ready to attack the rest of the day.

Bed Time: 20: 00-23: 00

Only sex at night is just like eating vanilla ice cream for dessert. It makes sense in exactly the wrong way. After all, you're tired, you've had a long day, you've dreamed of face-plant in your pillow for hours. We understand. We have been there. However, sex actually help you sleep better. Like a drug, sex puts certain chemical reactions in the brains that give us a feeling of euphoria.

Night Moves: Midnight - 03:00

You know what they say, after the party, the after-party. Whether at home, in a hotel or in a bar, can late night sex either incredibly sexy and incredibly disappointing. In the late evening, you'll either surprise your wife with something spontaneously or with your demonstrable lack of enthusiasm. Too much will you do at the bar like that. Regardless, risk. You will most likely get a boob that you can not see anything. And the serious things can always wait for the AM.

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When Impotence Is A Warning Sign

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Although it is so natural to face weak erections with age and erectile dysfunction can be a alarm that you have underlying health issues.

High Blood Pressure

An estimated one in three men with high blood pressure has no idea that they have it, and impotence can be an important warning. As we get older, our arteries become narrower and less elastic, forcing to rise in blood pressure when the heart beats Gradually it ever difficult to blood around the body. This damages the blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the penis.

What you can do: Ask your doctor to check your blood pressure. Increasing exercise, and lifestyle changes, such as the reduction of the salt intake can improve erectile dysfunction. 

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 Heart Disease

The many stresses of modern life, mixed with poor diet, lack of exercise, drinking and smoking, you jeopardize high cholesterol and heart disease, both of which lead to narrowing of the arteries, causing blood flow to the heart - and the penis. So, weak erections can be an early sign of heart problems.

What you can do:
Get your heart and cholesterol levels checked. Improving your diet and promoting physical activity levels can lower your cholesterol. 

Low Testosterone

Premature ejaculation
is determined by it to quickly reach the climax during sex, but there is no strict definition of "too fast". A long-term problems that can be associated with poor early sexual experiences are abnormal nerve signals. However, if the condition develops later in life, or health problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or excessive drinking (more than three or four units of alcohol per day) can cause.

Decreases naturally with age - from 75 to levels of a man half of what they were when he was 20 - but they vary widely with the individual, and experts believe lower testosterone rarely causes erectile dysfunction

What you can do: Ask your doctor to check your testosterone levels - it is a blood test. 

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