All That She Wants

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Women are not as visual as men when it comes to getting on and unleash their inhibitions. Odds are your girl really wants in the bedroom does not happen. But that does not mean it can not. Read these confessions of women for their biggest sexual desires and got this incredible list of tips, tricks, techniques and fantasies.
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"I like the idea of ​​being picked up and kissed, touched and groped against a wall for moving the party to the bed or the floor. Or you can just pick me up and put me in the face, take full control over me. I get excited just thinking about it. "

"I'm really amazed at how little men like" raw "get into bed. I really enjoy it when a man puts his hands in my thick, curly hair and pulls my head back, especially if he got me to enter from behind. After pulling my hair, I like it when he puts his hand on the front of my neck and pulls me into him, it's such a turn-on! "

"Instead of just taking off our clothes ourselves, I wish my husband would slowly remove me and take every inch of my naked body as he sees it. Feeling that he is getting excited with each garment that comes is from so sensual-in fact, he would tell me how excited he is every step of the way. " 

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"Make it all about me for once-massages, kissing me everywhere, teasing me, just making me a good feeling over and over again until I'm exhausted, then cuddle and fall asleep together. The next night, I will favor in return. "

"I like it when a man takes the lead in the bedroom when he tells me what he wants me to do to please him. It does not need powerful, just simple, like when he pushes my hands above my head or tell me to get to his knees. Half of my pleasure is pleasing to him. "

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Take Strong Steps To Stronger Erections

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One of the keys to a healthy erection a healthy diet. You do not want to charge heavy foods or hard to digest meals if you know an intimate moment in your near future. In general, you are looking for the same thing that are good for your heart; many healthy fat, low-cholesterol foods.

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Stress is a big no-no if you want to get lucky. Studies have shown that high levels of anxiety and stress at work can be a huge damper on your hard-on. Because stress can lead to higher blood pressure and cholesterol - which in turn can lead to heart disease - stopping a life of fear a boner in his tracks.

Scientists have found a direct correlation between gum disease and erectile dysfunction. Because gum disease is linked to heart problems and can mess with a good blood supply, good oral hygiene can store your future boner.

Doing abdominal exercises can help support your abs and keep your erection, as opposed to keeping your belly. Additionally, if you have a large intestine, it tends to make the apparatus small in comparison. If you're in shape and with a good physique will feel good about yourself and your confidence. This will in turn make you feel comfortable with your body, you will be tempted to have sex and increase your libido.

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Institution may improve in the correct position and to maximize the size of your erection. Take advantage of the gravity here; a man on top of or can help increase blood flow, which leads to stronger erections. You can try positioning your girlfriend at the end of the bed with her legs hanging over, allowing you to stand when you enter her.

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Morning Sex

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Sex in the morning brings the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which makes couples feel loving and bonded all day long. It makes you stronger and more beautiful too: Morning sex can strengthen your immune system for the day by enhancing your levels of IgA, an antibody that protects against infection. And with an orgasm releases chemicals that levels of estrogen, that the tone and texture of your skin and improves stimulate her.

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Here are tips for making a habit of morning love:

Plans for passion. Set your alarm for at least 20 more than necessary to get your day started minutes. Close the bedroom door, so your children will not wander in and then therapy. If you have to pee, do it. Otherwise, avoid leaving the bed. If you do not feel attractive unless you are brushing your teeth, I keep you spray on a minty at the bedside to quickly freshen your breath. Moving from sleepy to sexy without interruption is both erotic and emotionally intense.

Get your head in the game. I know that life is busy, and you wake up thinking about your to-do list instead of in the moment with your partner. If your mind is distracted, slow practice and show up. One trick is to consciously focus on the area where she is touching. What's the thrill out? Soft or intense? Tickling or calming? Really experienced. As a thought pulls you away, gently but firmly bring your attention back to what is happening here and now.

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The few minutes we have ourselves after first opening our eyes are special. Most people you have regular contact with no idea how you look, sound, smell and feel it first thing in the morning. It is a rare moment for others that's all for yourself. Fill that time with another person and it is a shared secret privy only you two. That makes morning sex so intimate. It has been stripped of everything - clothes, make-up, the weight of one day events, priorities and somehow leaves you feeling fuller.

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Weird Facts About Penis-II

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Smoking can shorten the penis to one centimeter. Because smoking calcified blood vessels, erectile circulation can, which hinder create erections.

Men who often hung a "death erection" also known as "angel lust."

A man will ejaculate on average 7400 times during his life. The average number of times he will ejaculate from masturbation is 2500. The average speed of ejaculation is 27 miles per hour.

Globally, about 35% of men over 20 years old are circumcised, according to a  report in 2010. However, almost all Jewish and Muslim men in the world are circumcised and make 75% of the circumcised men in the world.

About 82% of American men are circumcised.

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Studies show that women who orgasm through vaginal stimulation pickier about the size of the penis than other women.

The smallest natural human penis ever recorded was 5/8 of an inch. The longest erect penis on record was 13 inches.

A man has an average of 11 erections a day. He has about nine erections at night.

The signal to ejaculate does not come from a man's brains rather it is sent from his spinal cord.

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To maintain a healthy tone, the penis must have regular erections. Without regular erections, penis tissue may become less elastic and shrink to 1-2 cm. However, the brains have an "automatic penis maintenance" function. Brains impulses cause erections during REM sleep. For some people who are physically unable to achieve an erection, due to nerve trauma, or blood vessel damage, they can a device such as a vacuum pump that causes to swell the penis with blood.

Most men report that the underside of the glans (head) of the penis and the underside of the shaft is the most sensitive to sexual pleasure, followed by the top of the glans.

Vibrators are not just for vagina-they work on penises too and can even help people with spinal cord injuries ejaculate. For this treatment, a medical vibrator held against the underside of the head of the penis.

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Weird Facts About Penis

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The word "penis" comes from Latin and means "tail". The plural of penis or penes.

The word "phallus" is sometimes used to mean "penis", but traditionally it is used to describe penis images or symbols.

Alternative words for "penis" include Adolph, anaconda, baby-maker, baloney pony, bell on a pole, Hahn, chopper, cum gun, deep V divers, thick, ding-a-ling, Disco Stick, Excalibur, fuck pole, jimmy, joystick, love muscles, meat stick, pink cigar, pork sword, pierce, skin flute, spit stick, third leg, trouser snake, wang, wick, courtyard, and many more.

The blue whale has the largest penis of any animal, generally measure 8-10 long with a total of 12 to 14 inches feet. His balls weigh between 100 to 150 pounds and can ejaculate more than 35 pints.

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Most mammals have a bone called penis bone or os penis to the penis, but lacking in humans and horses. Although there are no bones in a human penis, a man nor of penile fracture, which, when the thick membrane surrounding the corpora cavernosa tears to suffer. It is usually a "cracking" sound, an immediate loss of erection and a great pain. In extreme cases, the urethra can be damaged, which affects the ability urinate.

Even if an adult chimpanzee is much smaller than an adult gorilla, has a penis about twice as the gorilla. One adult gorillas penis is about 1.5 inches (4 cm) lengths

The human penis is larger than that of any other primate, both in terms of the percentage of body size and absolutely terms.

 Domestic cats have barbed penises. They have about 120 to 150 millimeter long spines which point backwards. When the penis stretches from the cat, the spines rake along the vagina, triggering ovulation.

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Male dogs are the only animals that have a barrier bulb glandis at the base of the penis. When the penis completely in the female, the glandis is filled with blood. If the vagina of the female orders, the penis inside the female, the disabled as a "binding" or known "knotting". 

Doctors can use the foreskin circumcised infants to grow skin for burn victims. Just a foreskin create 23,000 square skin.

A hard-shelled sea creature named Colymbosathon ecplecticos is the oldest known species with a penis. Its name means "amazing swimmer with large penis" in Greek.

Only one man in 400 is flexible enough to give himself oral sex.

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Christmas Campaign

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Sex Life Tips

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Sex is more than a physical release, is a way closely associated with another human being. But sometimes distraction can interfere with your ability to connect with your partner. Maybe it's work, school, or children that dominate your time. What is your distraction, sex is often the thing that kicked to the curb in your relationship. You do not have to let life get in the way of having sex you want, though.

Keeping your sex life fresh and exciting is easy if you make an effort to communicate and as partners to spice things up and have fun together in the bedroom and elsewhere.

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Discover your own body. Comfortable and intimate feeling with a partner, feel comfortable and intimate with yourself. This includes connected with your body and your feelings. Feel free to experience and express how you feel. Learn how to be touched, what you're going to, and how your body reacts to different stimuli. You can explore your body with your partner.
Using a vibrator can help to explore her own sexual response, a woman and her partner can show what she enjoys.

Relax before sex. Use some relaxation techniques before intimate with your partner. This will help take the focus off of performance. Strive to enjoy every moment of the experience. Take a few deep breaths and consciously relax tight muscles. Relax with your partner. Take a deep breath together and enter into a relaxed physical and emotional space.

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Focus on foreplay. Sometimes sex can begin to feel scripted, if you want to move quickly from A to B to C. Slow down and focus take on sensuality dip in sex. Foreplay is about thrilling both partners equally.
Trade massages before you have sex, and spend some time exploring each other's bodies before you are allowed to proceed. Take the moving part of sex as long and luxurious as possible. Turn on soft music and make a night of it. Take your time.

Focus on pleasuring your partner and giving excitement. Then, revel in pleasure as it returned to you. Many women benefit most from clitoral stimulation during foreplay. Tell your partner what you like. The safest, smartest and fastest way to improve your sex life is to communicate openly with your partner. Tell your partner what you are running and what put you off. Discuss your limitations and your ambitions for your sex life. Tell your partner what they need to know in order to enrich your sex life.

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The Eternal Quest: Erection

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How do you think you can improve the size, strength and stamina of your erections? There are endless treatments, ointments and devices claiming to pump up your volume, but precious few solutions hold no water. The reality is that we are blessed (or cursed) with what God has given us. But if you're looking for realistic tips to follow, you can maximize your erection on all fronts.

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  • One of the keys to a healthy erection is  of course a healthy diet. You do not want to charge heavy foods or hard to digest meals if you know an intimate moment in your near future. In general, you are looking for the same thing that are good for your heart; many healthy fat, low-cholesterol foods and which are part of the Mediterranean diet.
  • You  may improve in the correct position to maximize the size of your erection. Take advantage of the gravity here; a man on top of or can help increase blood flow, which leads to better erections. You can try positioning your girlfriend at the end of the bed with her legs hanging over, allowing you to stand when you enter her.

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  • Stress is a big no-no if you want to get lucky. Studies have shown that high levels of anxiety and stress at work can be a huge damper on your hard-on. Because stress can lead to higher blood pressure and cholesterol - which in turn can lead to heart disease.
  • This boner killer will surprise you. Turns out the warmth of your computer (if you keep it on your lap) could cause damage not only your sperm but your erections as well. So put the laptop on a desk and keep reading.

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Effective Techniques For Premature Ejaculation

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Premature Ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction. Those who suffer or have suffered from this condition are able to admit this fact. Some men suffer from this condition at the age of 20, while others at 30, or even after in life. The sad part is that premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder that can be prevented and treated easily, with the right information.

Here are some of the most effective techniques:

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The Stop-and-Start Method

This begins as a solo exercise. You should begin by masturbating alone, bringing yourself close to orgasm and stopping. After relaxing, continue bringing yourself closer and closer to orgasm until you can’t hold it any longer. Doing this several times by yourself without distraction will help to learn where the point of no return is. When you feel mastered with this technique, the two of you should engage in sexual activity that stops short of intercourse.

The Squeeze Method

This method requires one of you to squeeze the bottom of the penis at the same point that the stop and start technique would be used, when you are at the brink of orgasm. The idea is to reduce an erection through squeezing. Just as with the stop and start method, you should do it on your own first, master it, and then invite your partner to practice the technique with you.

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Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a form of meditation that can sometimes help control the arousal and tension that lead to early ejaculation. Try to see if you can avoid shallow, short breathing, which speeds up heartbeat and can trigger EE. Try to spend five seconds breathing in one deep, full breath, hold it for about three seconds, and then exhale for five seconds. If you can do this for about five minutes without breaking the rhythm, you can use it in the bedroom. Plus, focusing on each other’s breathing, and how it rises and falls, can build a private connection. 

Tantric Techniques

Sex that is truly adventurous than just traditional physical pleasure. Try using the tantric techniques of establishing a sensational connection, including when you are near the point of no return. When you approache that point, you should ended stimulation, then your partner contracts the PC muscle and lower of your chin to your chest. You should then draw in a breath, feeling the warmth of sexual energy rise upwards in your body. Repeat this as needed, until the desire to release is no longer urgent.

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Condoms With Benzocaine

There is different results, but climax-control condoms can extend sexual activity and delay the climax as long as five minutes. These condoms have benzocaine in the tip; it’s a mild anesthetic with a slight numbing effect, so it can help to reduce sexual sensation and bring a sexual response down to a more manageable level. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy sex!

Medical Options

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Stimulating All Five Senses

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Sex is so much more than just a physical act. It's physically pleasurable but when you're with someone you love or with whom you have chemistry, seducing them through all five senses takes lovemaking from pleasurable to phenomenal.
Wouldn't you love to become a better lover by taking your time and being aware in new ways? 

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Show and Tell

You know how plate presentation boosts how much you enjoy a meal? The same is true in sex. Appeal to your partner visually, and encourage your partner to do the same. Seducing your lover through sight can take many forms.
You can put on a special strip tease, show off your body with confidence and maintain an eye contact.


If you're comfortable talking, do it. You don't necessarily have to talk dirty, although some people enjoy that. Perhaps you're already real chatter in bed, in which case just keep being you. If you're not, but you want to try it, go to a private place and phone your partner.
Remember, however, that it isn't all about talking. Let yourself go. If you feel like moaning or whimpering, do it. Verbal encouragement takes many forms. Softly played music can help your auditory temptation too.

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The Nose Knows

Whether you light candles, burn incense, or spritz on your lover's favorite fragrance, don't forget the sense of smell. Going back to the comparison of a truly delicious meal, think about how you react when you smell something mouth-watering. Your partner will respond the same way when you introduce shining scents into the bedroom.

Timeless Taste

Use your tongue when you can. That might mean playing with food, from strawberries and champagne to a little chocolate or honey. However, it can also involve passionate kisses and teasing little games. Just make sure you give your taste buds some time to shine.

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Tempted to Touch

Sex is all about touching but it is more than the traditional touch. Use your hands, your fingertips, even your cheek to touch your partner. Let your lover explore you in all sorts of different ways too. To enjoy more, you should discover your personal erogenous zones.

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Common Causes of Impotence

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There can be several factors to impotence. These include both emotional and physical disorders. According to a research, an estimated 50 percent of men age 40 to 70 experience some erectile dysfunction. Understanding the most common potential causes can help a man to know why he may be experiencing the condition.

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Endocrine Diseases

The body’s endocrine system produces hormones that regulate metabolism, sexual function, reproduction and much more. Diabetes is an example of an endocrine disease that can cause men to experience impotence. Diabetes affects the body’s ability to use the hormone insulin. 
One of the side effects united with chronic diabetes is nerve damage. This affects penis sensations. Other complications associated with diabetes are impaired blood flow and hormone levels. Both of these factors can cause to impotence.

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Neurological and Nerve Disorders

Several neurologic conditions can boost the risk for impotence. Nerve conditions affect the brain’s ability to communicate with the reproductive system. This can prevent a man from achieving an erectionMen who’ve had prostate gland surgery can also experience nerve damage that can cause impotence. Long  distance bicycle riders can also experience temporary impotence. This is because repeated pressure on the buttocks and genitals can affect the function of the nerves.

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Lifestyle Factors and Emotional Disorders

To reach an erection, a man must first go through the excitement phase. This phase can be an emotional response. If a man has an emotional disorder, this certainly affects his ability to become sexually excited.Depression and anxiety are associated with increased risk for impotence. Depression is a feeling of sadness, loss of hope, or helplessness. Fatigue related to depression can also cause impotence.Using the drugs like cocaine and amphetamines can also cause impotence. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism can also affect a man’s ability to maintain an erection. 

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How to Have Dirtier Sex

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All sex is great in the beginning. When your relationship is fresh, new positions are enough to keep you both interested and satisfied. But as the years pass, it’s all too usual to find yourself stuck with a sex life routine.

Here, sex and relationships experts offer some advice for adding a little spice to your sex life.

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The Talk

If you pull out your new thoughts in the moment, her startled reaction may frighten you both away from dirty sex for another few years. Here’s a better idea: Discuss your ideas and turn-ons before you hit the lights. You can start the conversation over a glass of wine at a romantic dinner or in some other place where both of you feel comfortable and relaxed. It might be easier to begin this talk with relatively tame fantasies or role-playing ideas. It may also help to ask her what she’s into first. When it’s your turn, be positive and confident about what you’re into. If you make a big deal about asking or you look feared once you make the request that could make her nervous.

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The Preparation

Watching some porn or reading erotica together may help charge you both up and make it much easier to talk about new ideas. Chances are good your partner’s interested in this stuff even if she’s never discussed it with you. And it’s a lot easier to say “I like that” while watching or reading about sex than it is to describe your fantasy in detail. Once you’ve agreed on some new moves to try, do your part. Whether you’re trying anal sex for the first time or a new toy, there are right and wrong ways to go about things. Knowing the pits ahead of time is the easiest way to avert them. And unless your fantasies perfectly arrange, it may help to split your new sex attempts into his nights and her nights. Starting with your partner’s desires may be a good way to show her this is about the both of you, and may make her more enthusiastic when it’s your turn.

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The Details

Children are a kink-killer, so dropping them with your parents or getting away to a hotel for a night can help you and your partner disconnect from your distractions. A hotel is also a good idea because new places mean new experiences.  It’s also smart to set ground rules how far each of you is ready to go and to make a safe word. This way, you can be sure you’re both enjoying yourselves and havingwonderful time without having to stop every few minutes to ask, “Are you ok with this?”

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Sex Positions Everyone Should Try

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Your oartner lies on her right side; you kneels, straddling her right leg and curling her left leg around your left side.

Manage the deeper penetration of doggy style while still being able to make that important eye contact.


Your partner lies facedown on the bed, legs straight, hips slightly raised.

This position creates a snug fit. Your stuff will seem even larger.


Your partner lies back with her legs resting on each of your shoulders.

When she raises her legs, it narrows the vagina and helps target the G-spot.

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You sit on a chair or the edge of the bed; she faces you, seated on your lap.

She is in control of the angle and depth of the entry and thrust. Being seated provides support, so it’s great for marathon sex.


Similar to the popular cowgirl position, she kneels on top of you, pushing off your chest and sliding up and down your thighs. But you should help by supporting some of her weight and grabbing her hips or thighs while you rise to meet each thrust.


Alternate between shallow and deep thrusting to stimulate different parts of the vagina.

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Better Sex As You Age

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Sex can be a powerful emotional experience and a great tool for protecting or improving health, and it's certainly not only for the young. Sex over the age of 50 can present challenges, and you may feel discouraged by issues about with the aging process, but these problems are not insuperable. With better understanding and an open mind, you can continue to enjoy a physically and emotionally fulfilling sex life.

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The need for intimacy is ageless. And studies now confirm that no matter what your gender, you can enjoy sex for as long as you wish. Naturally, sex at 70 may not be like it is at 20 or 30 but in some ways it can be better. Older people often have a great deal more self-confidence and self-awareness, and feel discharge from the unrealistic ideals of youth and with children grown and work less troublesome, partners are better able to relax and enjoy one another without the old distractions.

For a number of reasons, though, many adults worry about sex in their later years, and end up turning away from sexual encounters. Some older adults feel embarrassed, either by their aging bodies or by their performance, while others are affected by illness or loss of a partner. Without certain information and an open mind, a temporary situation can turn into a permanent one. You can avoid letting this happen by being proactive.
Whether you’re seeking to restart or improve your sex life, it’s important to be ready to try new things, and to ask for professional help if necessary.
Personal relationships often take on a greater importanceand sex can be a perfect way of connecting. 

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  • Sex can improve mental and physical health. Sex can burn fat, cause the brain to release endorphins, and drastically reduce anxiety.
  • Sex increases lifetime. Through its health-improving benefits, a good sex life can add years to your life.
  • Sex intensifies relationships. Sex is a chance to express the closeness of your deepest relationship.
  • Sex gives you a chance to escape from the harsh realities of the world sometimes.

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