Stimulating All Five Senses

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Sex is so much more than just a physical act. It's physically pleasurable but when you're with someone you love or with whom you have chemistry, seducing them through all five senses takes lovemaking from pleasurable to phenomenal.
Wouldn't you love to become a better lover by taking your time and being aware in new ways? 

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Show and Tell

You know how plate presentation boosts how much you enjoy a meal? The same is true in sex. Appeal to your partner visually, and encourage your partner to do the same. Seducing your lover through sight can take many forms.
You can put on a special strip tease, show off your body with confidence and maintain an eye contact.


If you're comfortable talking, do it. You don't necessarily have to talk dirty, although some people enjoy that. Perhaps you're already real chatter in bed, in which case just keep being you. If you're not, but you want to try it, go to a private place and phone your partner.
Remember, however, that it isn't all about talking. Let yourself go. If you feel like moaning or whimpering, do it. Verbal encouragement takes many forms. Softly played music can help your auditory temptation too.

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The Nose Knows

Whether you light candles, burn incense, or spritz on your lover's favorite fragrance, don't forget the sense of smell. Going back to the comparison of a truly delicious meal, think about how you react when you smell something mouth-watering. Your partner will respond the same way when you introduce shining scents into the bedroom.

Timeless Taste

Use your tongue when you can. That might mean playing with food, from strawberries and champagne to a little chocolate or honey. However, it can also involve passionate kisses and teasing little games. Just make sure you give your taste buds some time to shine.

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Tempted to Touch

Sex is all about touching but it is more than the traditional touch. Use your hands, your fingertips, even your cheek to touch your partner. Let your lover explore you in all sorts of different ways too. To enjoy more, you should discover your personal erogenous zones.

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