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Women are not as visual as men when it comes to getting on and unleash their inhibitions. Odds are your girl really wants in the bedroom does not happen. But that does not mean it can not. Read these confessions of women for their biggest sexual desires and got this incredible list of tips, tricks, techniques and fantasies.
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"I like the idea of ​​being picked up and kissed, touched and groped against a wall for moving the party to the bed or the floor. Or you can just pick me up and put me in the face, take full control over me. I get excited just thinking about it. "

"I'm really amazed at how little men like" raw "get into bed. I really enjoy it when a man puts his hands in my thick, curly hair and pulls my head back, especially if he got me to enter from behind. After pulling my hair, I like it when he puts his hand on the front of my neck and pulls me into him, it's such a turn-on! "

"Instead of just taking off our clothes ourselves, I wish my husband would slowly remove me and take every inch of my naked body as he sees it. Feeling that he is getting excited with each garment that comes is from so sensual-in fact, he would tell me how excited he is every step of the way. " 

  Prolargent 5x5 Extreme

"Make it all about me for once-massages, kissing me everywhere, teasing me, just making me a good feeling over and over again until I'm exhausted, then cuddle and fall asleep together. The next night, I will favor in return. "

"I like it when a man takes the lead in the bedroom when he tells me what he wants me to do to please him. It does not need powerful, just simple, like when he pushes my hands above my head or tell me to get to his knees. Half of my pleasure is pleasing to him. "

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  1. "i like it when a man takes the lead in the bedroom" in this case that man is me ;)

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