Sexual Fetishes That bring the Peak of Pleasure

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1. Bondage and Discipline
You may probably enjoy a porn video or two some kind of bondage game. There is a large category: everything from ropes and leather gags, whips and more all fall under the this category. But what may it create in your sex life, is a type of balance - and trust - between you and your lover. It can help you to be both learn to be submissive and like sensation.

It can open up conversations about your sex life, desires and experiences, because the key element of bondage is communication within every other play. And yes - you should try both the dominant and the submissive so that you know how to take control and let her stand at the top.

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2. Foot Fetish
Before you begin to imagine yourself trying to hide a hard one in a shoe store with your girlfriend, rethink why a fetish can be attractive. For the same reason that you love a good foot rub or your partner asks constantly for how nice they feel - and not just for your tired, overworked feet. 
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Think you do it naked with your partner. Feel each other's feet to see what brings you joy and what makes you want to do with her more. Adding the nudity will help you get a foot rub into a little more sexy something

3. Sensation Play
Sensation game is the vanilla version of slavery, if you are not quite ready to tie yourself up. This contains using blindfolds to increase the sense of touch and using a variety of objects to create exitation via touch. Think rubbing an ice cube down your partner's chest all the way to her clitoris and then blowing on the cold water the the ice left. Or think of a feather you use to tickle different regions or a warming lube that stimulates the moment.

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