Tips to be The King of the Bed

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1. Try sex toys
Many women complain that men are not open to with sex toys in the bedroom, and for the ladies. Embracing toys can actually show you mind her their pleasure. For example, cock rings are the perfect choice for making sure that she gets clitoral stimulation no matter what position you are in. In addition, you get to enjoy the feeling as well.

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2. Make Out More
There was something so sensual and seductive. Think about being a teen. Remember, the fear of being caught? The intensity of the parts you touched.. the sounds, the movements, the growing desire.. Many women are generally shy about any physical affection because they somehow get the message that sex is always a necessary part of it. Show her you can easily like the excitement and expectation while making out.

3. Give Bondage A Chance
Traditional sex where you switch positions till you both finish is great and all, but Sex Toys and different approaches has seen a consistent increase in recent years. While you might not want to go totally submissive-dominant and a contract with your lady, little bondage introductions can work in your sex life and helps to build a trust to each other. A good start is a few simple handcuffs and a blindfold on one of you. If that works for both of you, there are many kinds of more kinky things you may like to try like hot wax, paddling.

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4. Discover the G-Spot 

Many men do not just miss the mark when trying to find the G-spot, but do not know what to do with it, if they are there. Many women are blown away by how intense and enjoyable G-spot stimulation. The G-spot is about two centimeters in the vagina on the upper wall. It tends to be easier to discover with your fingers or a toy. 

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5. Prolargent 5x5 Extreme
You should be open to trying new options for a colorful sex life. Every relation needs to be spiced up. Prolargent 5x5 Extreme is the one which will fire the things. With a increased sexual stamina and extended period of foreplay, without any erection problems, it is easier for you to spare time to different toys and fetishes and positions in your sexual life.

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