Sex Products That You Should Keep in Hand

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1. Lubricant
Smooth, slippery goodness awaits you when using lubrication. She glides, coats and ease the way. Water-based lubricants work well, especially if you use condoms. Oil-based lubes tend to damage the very barrier in place to protect both. So choose the very gentle, non-burning and Slick choice.

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2. Massage Oil
Everything concerning the glistening, slippery skin is conducive to good sexual romp - should be at least. Massages are a great form of foreplay. It relaxes the muscles, relaxes the body and the mind, and puts them in a sensual haze. It also provides an ideal opportunity to "innocent" reasons to strip her clothes off. Good oils have a fresh, light scent. Consider any allergies (their and your own) When fragrance oil picking.

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Like scarves, ties can be used to bind, play together blindfolded and magnificently. Something naughty and a little confused, the everyday items could have her get used to the concept of a little light bondage. So make sure that the equipment for herdelicate skin is not too harsh.

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4. Towels

This is a very practical addition to your bedroom antics. Something soft and fluffy is in any kind of cleanup after the penetration. Hot and sweaty sex calls for a little action to wipe sweat or other fluids left after a wild sexual romp.

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