Erogenous Zones Of Women

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A female body is full women's erogenous zones. These areas have nerve endings which are very sensitive to touch. The female erogenous zones can lead to sexual response when stimulated by the partners. Usually these parts of the female anatomy remain undiscovered as during intercourse. So, if you want to go to a mind-blowing experience and know these zones. 

Ear: Besides saying sweet nothings into the ear of a woman, a man can lick the edges of the ear. Gentle nibbling can turn to the ear on a woman.

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Lips: When properly stimulated, lips can become an erotic zone. Lips must be kissed by using the partner of the lips, tongue, fingers and teeth. A passionate kiss can do wonders for a woman.

Neck: One of the most sensitive parts of the female body, breath on the neck can make a woman getting ready for the big show. Try to bite the neck.

Nipples: Breast, nipple particular, is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones women. Nipples have many nerve endings that make them more vulnerable. Circling around the nipple will ask each woman to find out more.

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Behind the Knee: By far the most neglected part of the body of the woman is the area behind the knee. But you know that this part is equally sensitive to touch and stimulation? So, running the fingertips behind the knee.

Feet: Massaging the feet and sucking toes will definitely make her feel like a goddess.

Mind: As someone sexy said that the most part of the human body is between the ears. This is also true for women. Love making is as much about the mental stimulation when it comes to the physical. So, do not forget to wake mentally each.

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