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Girl On Top

Let him lie on his back. Climbing placed, with one leg on either side of the hull. It is usually better to focus more on the rocking body and again, instead of trying to bob up and down.

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Doggy Style

Get on your hands and knees. Have your partner kneel behind you. He can keep your hips as he pushes away. Stay still or push your hips back against him.


Sideways Straddle

This position provides an excellent cutting action. You get to set the pace, and you get to decide how much pressure gets put on your clitoris. It's also a rather unique position, and the novelty of it can be very exciting.

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The bridge

Start in missionary. Do you sit down man, and he is widely distributed at his ankles, his knees. While staying on your back, put your feet flat on the bed and arch your hips a bit so you're in a low bridge position. He can grab your hips and use them as leverage to bump into you.

 Prolargent 5x5 Extreme

In all positions more effective;Prolargent 5x5 extreme!

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  1. I like girl on the top.. it is stimulating and hot :)