5 Sex Tips That Real Women Want

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Get listed in the (erogenous) Zone
"Never underestimate the power of a few well-placed kisses. It drives me crazy when my friend starts kissing my neck and gently nibbled on my ear lobe -.. I tingle all the way down to the clitoris After a few minutes I literally begged him to put it in.
-Tess, 27

Talk dirty
"You do not need to store all the naughty things for the bedroom. If you at a fancy dinner, tell your girl how much you want on the table. If you're in a bar, put your hand on her ass and you say the things you will with her when you get home. Telling women how desirable they are, will give them the confidence to trade all your dirty fantasies out later. "
-Marianna, 31

Be A Boob Man
"It drives me crazy when my friend takes the time to pay attention to my breasts. I do not just mean accessing, I mean kissing and licking until my nipples are hard and give them little bites. At this time, I'm so wet in the rule that only a little fingering will make me cum and the times he bitten, while his hand is down there I have the most mind blowing orgasms ever had. "
-Laine, 27

Get wet
"Everybody talks about shower sex, but on nights when it's cold outside or on a lazy Sunday draw a bath and take it along. Since you both in the water, you do not have to worry about the water in your face or one of you getting cold. Adding bubbles is a nice touch, too. As a part of the body is hidden, it helps with loosening inhibitions. "
-Julie, 29

Find the spot
"If a man goes down on me, I love when they spend time to 'explore' what is going down there on, instead of just constantly rubbing or bumping. Gently licked my clit and then slowly to rubbing it until I is orgasm is so strong, and it makes me feel that my partner cares about me "

-Chloe, 26

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