Weird Facts About Penis-III

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A medieval cure for impotence included mixing of the cultured brains of 30 male sparrows, the fat around the kidneys of a freshly killed Billy goat, honey and as much as needed. A man was then supposed to eat before intercourse.

Most medieval theologians argued that semen was angry. Thomas Aquinas, for example, said that God created the devil gave more "power of enchantment" on the penis than any other human organ.

Guardians of the harem beds had to be in the great Islamic empires "shaved" which meant that both the testicles and penis removed.

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Because it was believed that a strong Roman penis built a strong Roman Empire (especially life expectancy is just 25 years old), Romans celebrated a first son ejaculation as part of a state holiday, Liberalia.

While the Greeks accepted and glorified pederasty, to the Romans the idea that masculine virtue to young boys was broadcast by anal penetration was unthinkable. A Roman penetrated others with his penis, he has never been penetrated by someone else penis. A man who had done this by standing with him muliebria pati, "experience of a woman." That man was no longer a man or would never become a man.

The Latin word for ball was jerk, meaning "head of the penis." In fact, the Roman sling bullets were often lurid inscription written on them, comparing their use to acts of rape.

The penis is deified by pagan cultures, demonized by the early Roman church secularized by early anatomists such as Leonardo da Vinci, psychoanalyzed by Freud, politicized by feminists, exploited by the popular culture, and medicalized by physicians.

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In 1994 Virginian housewife Lorena Bobbitt cut off her penis then husband. His penis was reattached and he played in a porn movie called John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut. He also starred in Frank Penis and started a band called Severed Parts.

It takes about 130 ml of blood to stiffen for a penis. The circulation rate must be very high at 2 ml per second. The small arteries with a diameter of about 0.5 mm when the penis alone, double their diameter post blood.

While some Renaissance artists depicted Jesus as uncircumcised (although circumcision is recorded in the Gospels), at the same time, at an age when religious relics prized, the most prized relic was Jesus' foreskin.

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