What Do You Know about Your Penis?

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You can break your penis
When the penis violently twisted when erected, it can break. There are no bones in the penis, but the tubes which fill with blood during an erection may burst.

Men have more nocturnal erections
On average, a healthy man has three to five erections during an entire night's sleep, each erection duration is 25-35 minutes. It is common for men to wake up with an erection, informally known as "Morning Glory". This is actually the last in the series of nocturnal erections.

Penis length is not related to foot size
The idea that the size of the penis is in relation to your shoe size is a myth. The average penis length was 13 cm (5.1 inches) when stretched soft and gentle, and the average British shoe size was nine (43 European size). However, the researchers found no relationship between shoe size and penis length.

The penis is not a muscle

Contrary to popular belief, the so-called love muscle muscles doesn't include any muscles. That's why you can not move very much, whenerected. The penis is a kind of sponge that fills with blood when a man sexually aroused.

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