Signs of A Great Sex Life

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You enjoy it, whatever happens. Some people want their sex life hotter, tamer, more often or less frequently. If you enjoy the sex you get when it's perfect. Not an orgasm? You're good about because you had fun with your partner anyway. That is important.

You and your partner make each other feel sexy. This can be done by teasing each other or sexting. There is nothing more arousing than finding your partner is naughty for you and wants you just as you are.

You and your partner can talk about whatever you want. This would be the position you want to do at the moment, because you feel romantic or kinky or fantasies you want to try and plan. Be open and check what you are both comfortable with the help of you understand and easy to know your needs.

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If you're the type putting some pressure on your sex life by counting how many times you should have sex per week or month, and you're focusing on the wrong things. More sex is not even that you will be happier! Especially when you force your partner to it. It's about quality.

You and your partner agree on spicing things or keep it as it is. As long as you are in the same bed and thankfully, what is there to complain about? You may think that you and your partner are crazy wild or crazy boring, but happy with your sex life is what is really important, not what other people might think.

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