Don't For A Harder Penis

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A man’s erection , its power, its girth and its length , are inextricably woven into his self-sense of masculinity. Even if he’s the most competent lover in the world, if a man is worried that his penis isn’t as hard as it can be, it’s going to negatively influence his self-confidence, both in and out of the bedroom.

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Don’t  Smoke or Drink : If you want a harder penis, stop smoking. When you smoke, your veins and capillaries tighten, reducing blood flow to all parts of your body ,including your penis. Drinking also can give you softer erections.

Don't Stress: Sex may be stressful. You’re worried about your performance and whether or not your partner will be satisfied. You may have self-confidence issues when it comes to your body. All of this anxiety may result in softer erection. Take a deep breath. Remember your partner wouldn’t be with you, if they didn’t already think you’re kind of perfect. Relax. The more relaxed you are, the harder your penis can be.

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Don't Masturbate: Try saving your erections for when you’re with your partner. If it’s been while since you had an orgasm, chances are your body will be more willing for release - resulting in a more excited and harder penis. Sometimes, masturbating too frequently can desensitize you or train you only to respond to your own touch.

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