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How to warm up 
Start slow, don’t just jump straight into the positions. 
Start with standing kisses to warm up your legs and get your heart rate going before stretching by taking off each other’s clothes.
Get under the covers and, after several minutes of kissing, perform your preferred foreplay on each other for at least a further two minutes before taking up the first position. You can do them in any order but climax each session as hard and fast as you can.
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Rodeo Rider
In this cowgirl position of the woman is on top, facing the man's feet and the lower part of her legs tied to the bed or on the floor while he raises his head off the floor.

The woman lies on her stomach with legs slightly open and knees slightly bent. The man stands behind her and lifts her legs up against him.

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Humpty Bumpty
The man sits up while the woman perches on him with her legs up in a straddle.

The woman lies on her back with the man on top. She parts her legs while he takes a plank position above her
, holding himself steady with straight arms.

The woman lies on one side while the man kneels and straddles her buttom, leg perpendicular to her. the formation of a great "T". 

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