Women's Opinions About Penis

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Appearance: If your penis has a strange appearance, make sure you warn your girl about it. Some women do not know how to handle surprises and one could always offended at the end when they had no idea what was coming. 
The Twins: The balls are the most obvious accessory any person can ever have. They are definitely out there and are always part of the package. Women prefer tight, fixed medium sized testicles instead pendulous cones on your shaft.


Hygiene: It is understandable that a woman touch or taste the penis at some point in the relationship. When something funky or see something disturbing smell down there, they will retreat. This is a good indication for men uncircumcised penises or have impenetrable thicket. Remember to wash and cut.
Exposure: Women do not want to see your penis longer than a few hours at a time. You have other things to do and around with your cock can from are bothersome. It also kills the anticipation of your next sexual encounter, because the sight of the penis will not induce more respect.


Do you know how to use your penis and maximize its presentation. Not only do they whip out and show it to your partner. Make sure that you do all that is necessary to prepare them for the inevitable unveiling of your valuable possessions.



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