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Foreplay is really important in getting you both in the mood and especially women finding good foreplay is needed for an enjoyable sex session. By doing everything "right" with your fingers, your hair ultra wet and want to get more of you.

Put her in the first place!

It is important before you start working your way down her belly with your hand you get turned her full first. Most women are weak at the knees with a number:

Gentle kisses along the neck / collarbone area.
• Making out passionately.
• Breast play.

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Panties Games!

Once she is really turned on, your next step is to travel slowly with your hand on her abdomen and on her panties. You have to slowly rub her pussy through her panties to tease her and make her yearn for you to be inside her!

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Be Ready to Go Further!

Do not go overboard on her fingers. Although it is pretty awesome, so penetrative sex! They can give off signs that she is ready for something more, such as:

• Pulling you to her.
• Trying to unbutton your pants.
• Tell you they want you. 
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