How To Talk Dirty?

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Types of Dirty Talk: 
The soft-core and hard-core.
The soft-core dirty talk can include sweet nothings, and "not dirty" words and phrases. The soft-core model is a great way to start talking dirty. In the beginning it is best to stick with the words you already know that these work well and gradually new naughty words and phrases here and there to add during sex. Finally, who says that a dirty talk should always be rude? Firstly, it should be comfortable for both enthusiasts and sound tempting enough to make you excited and ready for more! We all know that sometimes the simple statements works incredibly well.
"I love the things that you do with your tongue"
"Honey, you are the sexiest thing I've ever seen!"
"I want you so badly"
"Your wish is my command"

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The hard core dirty talk may include profanity and slang words. Many enthusiasts find it very hot when you use them, especially if you do not generally swear. If you choose some of the most vulgar words and phrases that use the human being, be it as long as you are comfortable with and within you both. Talking dirty is like a secret with your lover, a secret that only you two know and enjoy behind closed doors.
"I want to rub my pussy over your face"
"Inject your juice on my tits"
"Put on your big baby-maker in my cunt and fuck my brains out. Immediately!"
"This is how a real man fucks!"

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Dirty Talk Ways
A great way to sound sexy and dirty describes loudly what happens during sex, how wonderful it feels in your body; talk your dirty fantasies; tell your partner something you are going to do and something you want your lover to do for you at this time. If you can maintain eye contact as you describe him, you get some more fun. And one more thing: complimenting your loved one is still a way to sound dirty in the sack. Compliment and praise your lover, give him / her an ego boost. Talks about his / her body and tell him / her about your favorite part of his / her body. Be descriptive and creative!
"You look so sexy when you do that"
"You taste sooo good"
"Oh, that feels so good! Do it again!"
"No one has ever made me as hard as you can get"

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